Liloing is a style of paddling or canyoning which involves floating along a creek or river on an inflatable air mattress. Many of the rivers suitable for liloing in the Northern Rivers flow through National Parks surrounded by rainforest, or by narrow gorges. These are great places to swim and perform water jumps (jump from rocks into deep pools of water). They are of great natural beauty!

The lilo itself is a durable style of air bed which makes a great flotation device. It moves well on flat water and can shoot small rapids. It’s also easy to carry to the water, as well as while portaging to bypassing larger or more dangerous rapids.

It’s one of the most enjoyable summer recreational activities available in the Northern Rivers. Most liloing adventures take a half a day to complete, although there are some great full day activities, as well as a small number of multi-day adventures to the more remote streams.

Most of the creeks and rivers we explore via lilo can only be accessed on foot, so participants need to be agile enough to walk to and from the river. No previous experiences is necessary.

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