Wilderness Adventures Booking Terms & Conditions

Wilderness Adventures places safety as it’s highest priority. We do our very best to eliminate, minimise and control the risks involved in the activities we offer, however risk is an inherent part of outdoor activities and adventures.

Please take the time to read the safety warning below.

Safety Warning & Risk Information

Most Wilderness Adventures activities take place in remote locations. Certain risks and dangers maybe encountered on any of our adventures including; remoteness from normal medical services, physical exertion in rugged environments, extremes in weather, and other environmental factors.

Wilderness Adventures activities take place on a mix of tracked and rugged off track terrain. Most locations visited are deep inside National Parks, or other public land/reserves. Some activities occur on private land. Scrambling and rock hopping is often required during the journey.

The route is often adjacent to flowing rivers where conditions are wet, slippery and cold. Creek or river crossings, with or without the need for swimming/wading may be necessary. Large waterfalls may be encountered and be descended or ascended.

Water can be fast flowing and conditions dynamic. Large cliffs may be traversed, descended or climbed. Loose and slippery rocks are commonly encountered on or near; cliffs, waterfalls, waterways, as well as on some tracks and in many bushland areas.

Some activities require the use of ropes, rock-climbing and abseiling skills/techniques/equipment. When booking an activity it is vital that you choose an activity which suits all members of your group, including each members fitness, age, agility, experience and confidence levels. Where swimming is involved in the activity all group members must be able to swim confidently a distance of at least 50m unassisted (unless your guide advises a different swim competency requirement).

There are other activity and site-specific risks.

Hazards and risks include;

  • lack of shelter, communication failures or difficulties
  • impact injuries due to people or objects falling, slipping, tripping or sliding from heights or surfaces
  • equipment failure, loss, damage or not appropriately used/selected trauma, lacerations, bumps, burns, bruises and cuts, heat and cold injuries
  • dehydration or excess hydration
  • becoming separated and lost
  • difficulty traversing obstacles and hazards
  • food and hygiene hazards
  • water and drowning related dangers (including depth, volume and velocity of water)
  • geographic, engineering and geological failures
  • locations where it is impossible, dangerous, or difficult to back track, and/or exit points are limited due to the terrain
  • fauna, flora or microbes in the environment causing injury, death, illness or medical episode
  • participants lacking fitness, or suitable experience for the activity being undertaken
  • illness, injury, exhaustion, fatigue, medical emergency or delays in outside medical assistance
  • falling trees/branches, falling rocks/boulders and landslips/washouts can occur in the natural areas that we visit. It is extremely difficult to predict when these will occur.
  • poor preparation leading to difficulties during the activity
  • collisions and travel accidents related to vehicles
  • complications as a result of injuries, illness or rescue operations
  • issues/accidents arising from other users of the area or actions of the land manager(s)
  • environmental events may occur, including bushfires, earth quakes, tsunamis, thunderstorms, strong winds, flash floods (from intense heavy rain or impoundment failure) and landslides.

These and other natural, or man made, hazards may occur without warning in locations with no protection possible.   Participants can be seriously injured or die as a result of hazards encountered during outdoor recreation activities.

Come Prepared

Read your booking information carefully, so you are aware of what your adventure entails. Ask questions about the activity at any time if you have safety concerns or other questions. Come with the clothing and equipment listed in the booking information, so you are well prepared for the activity. We encourage all participants to apply sunscreen and insect repellent at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of activities.

Follow Instructions

You must follow Wilderness Adventures workplace health and safety procedures. These are provided to participants during activity briefings. You must do as the guide instructs and avoid taking actions outside the safety instructions. Participants who refuse to follow the guides instructions, or exhibit anti-social behaviour, will be removal from the activity to ensure the safety of others.

We ask participants to treat the guides with due care and respect. If you do not feel you can accept the risks associated with any activity offered by Wilderness Adventures, you have the right to opt out. It is best to opt out before the activity starts. If you opt out before the activity you are entitled to a refund.

Consider the risks involved in the activity before you book, and again before you start the adventure. Your guide will brief you at length about the activity and risks. Ask your guide for more information at the pre trip briefing, if you have concerns, or need more information.

Choose the adventure that suits your group

Book an adventure that suits all the members of your group, not just the person making the booking. All activities are challenge by choice. You must let your guide know immediately if you do not wish to proceed with an activity. You can ask to stop at any time.

Please be aware, that on some journeys, it may not be possible to exit an area between certain points due to the nature of the environment. In these locations you will need to continue until a safe exit can be reached. Your guide will advise you before entering any sections where the level of commitment is high and there is no option to backtrack.

Remoteness and lack of outside assistance

During Wilderness Adventures activities participants may be more than 4 hours away from medical/hospital treatment. Outside assistance may not be available, or may be limited, because of remoteness and the environment. Communications may be limited or not available. It may not be possible for participant to receive urgent medical attention.

Difficulty of rescue

Rescue from remote locations are often slow and difficult. Rescue will sometimes rely on the support of a rescue helicopter, police, ambulance, fire or other rescue teams.

A rescue by helicopter brings additional hazards. A rescue helicopter will often weigh more than 7 tones and produce a large amount of downforce. The wind generated by rotor-blades can fall trees and send objects flying. Winch operations can be long and difficult. Night flying or flying during poor weather may not be possible.

Injured participants may require a long, slow and difficult stretcher carry to reach a suitable winch point, particularly if no clear area is available due to dense tree cover. It may be necessary for sick/injured people to wait overnight until suitable flying conditions or additional resources become available.

Take out insurance

Participants should hold suitable travel and medical insurance (with ambulance coverage). Participants should consider if they need other forms of insurance, such as income protection insurance.

Provide accurate medical history information

While all guiding staff have current first aid qualifications, and carry Remote Area or Wilderness First Aid Kits, participants who have a history of allergic reactions, asthma or other life threatening medical conditions will likely be required to provide a written approval from their GP to participate in Wilderness Adventures activities.

GP approval must include detailed treatment information in case emergency treatment is required in the field. If such approval is not given, service will not be provided. We are happy to make changes to programs (or run alternative programs) to enhance the safety and wellbeing of clients who suffer from illnesses.

If you suffer from asthma you must provide a copy of your Asthma Management Plan. If you suffer from an allergy you must complete our Allergic Reaction Management Form or provide your management plan in advance.

All participants (or their legal guardian) must complete a medical form, read our booking terms and conditions and sign the waiver form. Please ensure the medical information on your medical form is accurate, as this will allow your guide to prepare for your participation in the activity and manage your medical needs in the event of an emergency.

Please contact us if you have questions

We provide this safety warning to help ensure participants in our activities are aware of the associated risks/hazards. We wish to ensure participants can make an informed decision about their participation, prior to commencement of the activities.

We believe it is important prospective participants understand the broad range of risks/hazards which may be present prior to booking. We welcome enquiries from anyone seeking further information about the experiences we offer. We are happy to answer questions related to risks/hazards, as well as the workplace health and safety systems we use to manage the safety of participants.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Fares are quoted in $AU and include GST. Payment can be made either by cash ($AU only), credit card, PayPal, or direct deposit.  

Full payment is due at least one week prior to the start date of the tour. For online bookings upfront payment is required.

The following fees apply on cancellation:
• 1 weeks and over no charge
• 7 to 3 days 20%
• Less than 3 days full price.

Any late changes to tours may incur an administration fee of $50.

If a customer cancels a tour after commencement, no refund will apply. We may, at our sole discretion, reduce, transfer or waive your loss of fare for any reason.

No show or late
Failure to show for a course, trip or activity will result in loss of tour fare. Late arrival for your trip may result in forfeiture of the fare.

Poor weather policy
Our activities will normally operate in all but exceptional weather conditions. Rain, wind, cold and fog do not prevent us conducting our tours. Unless you hear from us, assume your tour is going ahead. We will make every effort to inform you if cancelling your scheduled tour is necessary.

Participants that decide not to attend/participate on the basis of weather (against our policy and/or advice) forfeit their full tour fare. Where poor weather causes cancellation of a tour, we may offer you the nearest possible alternative tour, if this is not possible then please see our Credit and Refund Policy.

Change of Party Numbers
Please keep us informed of any changes to the numbers in your party. A reduction in numbers will incur charges for each missing person as outlined in our cancellation policy. An increase in numbers may not always be possible. To avoid disappointment, notify us of changes as early as possible. Preferably at least 1 week in advance.

Credit and Refund Policy
Participants whose tour is cancelled for any reason (including but not limited to weather, venue closures, or illness of the tour operator) will normally be given a credit for future activities. Refunds or credit transfers may be given at the discretion of management. If a tour is cancelled by us after commencement, a partial refund may apply.

Conditions of Travel
Wilderness Adventures reserve the right to cancel any tour for any reason, to alter our tours (including but not limited to starting times, pricing, inclusions or itinerary) at any time for any reason without notice, and deny access to tours for any participant for any reason (including, but not limited to whether we think you are of good character). All safety instructions given by our staff must be adhered to or you will be removed from the tour for the safety of yourself and others.

Limitation of Liability
We will not be liable for any additional expenses relating to your tour, including but not limited to: cancellations, missing connecting transport, extra accommodation, or food expenses. All additional expenses incurred remain the sole responsibility of the customer.
If this is not agreeable to you, then please see our Credit and Refund Policy.

Special Requirements
Any special requirements for customers must be notified to us at the time of booking. This includes but is not limited to physical disabilities, medical conditions, and dietary requirements.

Removal from Tours
A customer may be removed from any tour for any reason by us.
We reserve the right to deny access to tours for anyone who in our opinion is drunk, drug effected, disorderly, a hazard to themselves or others, abusive, not physically able, mentally incapable, or objectionable in any other way. We will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred as a result of your removal or non-participation.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a tour waiver form completed by their parent or guardian.

Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, except where prior arrangement has been made with management.

Not all of our tours are appropriate or available for people under the age of 18. Please call our office to confirm before booking.

The Environment
Many of our tours are conducted in sensitive areas. We love providing you with access to these natural and cultural wonders but ask that you respect and protect these wondrous resources. Please do not interfere with, pick up, alter or remove any plant, animal or other natural, historical or cultural feature. Please stick to formed paths (where available), carry all your rubbish out with you and use minimal impact toileting procedures.

Please arrive with clean footwear. Dirt or seeds stuck to on shoes and clothing may introduce pathogens or weeds into  sensitive environments.

Certain government regulations apply in NSW. Participants must comply with all regulations, including where relevant environmental and public health regulations.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have full confidence in the quality of all aspects of the adventure experiences we conduct. Because of this, if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, if part of your adventure doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know and we will fix it for you. If the issue remains unresolved, and you aren’t completely satisfied by our response, we will refund you for the part of your trip that you were not satisfied with.

Guarantee Conditions
You must bring the issue to the attention of your guide on the day of your trip.
You must provide us with an opportunity to rectify the issue.
The issue/complaint must be about something within our control (eg. this Guarantee excludes things beyond our control like weather conditions, traffic delays, and other parties encountered while on your adventure).
The maximum allowable refund is the amount that was paid for the experience.

Who owns Wilderness Adventures

Wilderness Adventures is locally owned and operated by Timothy Eric Williams, Sole Trader. In the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact Tim directly on 0403 860 820.